16 Sep 2017

Deliverable Report (Phase I & II)

Dear Teams,

Happy new semester! I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful summer.

It is exciting that Solar Decathlon China 2018 has started its one year countdown since this August. Upon the completion of Phase I, we are delightedly moving forward to Phase II this semester, in which, three mandatory contract deliverables are expected from all teams:

  • D-6 Construction Documentation, due on Thursday, 26 Oct 2017
  • D-7 Project Summary, due on Thursday, 25 Jun 2018
  • D-8 Public Exhibit Materials (preliminary), due on Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

All submissions shall be delivered to the Organizing Committee by 5:30PM Beijing Time to avoid point penalty. Content and format requirements for each submittal are provided in the Rules Reference attached. Please note that deliverables in Phase II weight 35% of total contract payment. As per the contract, teams will receive $15,000 fund support from the Organizing Comittee upon approval of your deliverables.

As a summary, I am also pleased to attach the deliverable status of Phase I for your reference. Please check your submissions and hand in the overdues as soon as possible. You need to get all contract deliverables in the sheet marked green as an indication of approval. Due to the postponement of competition, late submission of Phase I deliverables will not result in point penalty, but will delay the first contract payment ($30,000). If you are submitting or updating previous deliverables, please read the following instruction:

  • D-1 Team Short Description & Project Management Plan: Most teams have been facing member turnover this year. When you are forming a new team, please update the information to the Organizing Committee. We will renew the contact list according to your updates. Rule 3-2 Table 1 provides a guideline for team structure.
  • D-2 Target Construction Cost: A Sample TEAM Estimate is attached for you to develop your own construction budget. Please note that this construction cost will serve as an important reference for your house auction after the competition. You are expected to record it as precisely as possible.
  • D-3 Website (preliminary): You are encouraged to have developed an online presence by this time. When your website is available, please share the URL with the Committee.
  • D-4 Design Development Documentations: This deliverable weights most (40%) of contract payment. Therefore, you are required to complete it and get it approved to continue moving on. Examples are provided on Team Service Center.
  • D-5 Computer-Generated Renderings: Rules require minimum of 5 images (PNG/JPG format).

If you have any questions regarding the deliverables, please feel free to contact. The Organizing Committee of Solar Decathlon China wishes all teams a pleasant academic year!


Organizing Committee

Deliverable Status Sheet 20170915

Rules Reference 20170826

Sample TEAM Estimate