19 Oct 2016

RULES V2.0 Errata

Rule 8-2. Batteries

f. Stand-alone, PV-powered devices with small secondary batteries are permitted, but the aggregate battery capacity of these devices may not exceed 10 kWh, instead of 100 Wh.

Appendix D-4-a. Design Development Drawings and D-6-a. Construction Drawings

Format Requirements. The sheet size is ISO "A3" (297 mm x 420 mm), instead of ANSI “D” (22 in. x 34 in.).

Appendix D-4-b. Design Development Project Manual and D-6-b. Project Manual

Format Requirement. The sheet size is ISO "A4" (210 mm x 297 mm).

Appendix E-4. Scale Model

The model shall be built at 1:25 scale, instead of 1:24 scale. The lot size is 25-m-by-25-m instead of 24-m-by-24-m.